Smartphone Photography Workshop Tours Offered by OPPO to UAE Students

Global technology brand OPPO has launched “OPPO Week” in the United Arab Emirates. The initiative sees the company visit eight universities within the region, offering students a chance to learn how to use smartphone camera technology to capture amazing photographs. Students will also be able to win prizes for the pictures they take based on the composition and quality. Each stop on tour will see the company spend a week at each university. During that time, the students will be treated to tutorials about mobile phone photography taught by trained instructors.

OPPO Sees Promise in Student Photographers

OPPO’s President in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) says that their initiative is based on the premise that youth and the power of creation are the ultimate innovation drivers. When combined, they can become an unstoppable force for creativity and change. Through the company’s latest Reno smartphone release, they hope to offer students the chance to use OPPO’s technology and take the skills they learned through the workshops to push the boundaries of current mobile photography. With Reno’s camera technology, students have an excellent camera on their smartphones that allows them to take pictures like a professional.

The OPPO Reno Advances Phone Cameras Significantly

OPPO’s R&D department has spent a lot of time perfecting the Reno for use out in the real world. Features such as their Ultra Steady Video (which removes shaking from a video recording) and Ultra Dark Mode (which maximizes the available light even when that light is nearly zero) make the camera far superior to other competitors. The aim of developing a smartphone camera that can be used to take professional-level photographs is to offer portability and functionality to users. The tutorials that OPPO intends to provide through their university visits within the UAE will encourage students to explore their passion and utilize technology to make their visions into professional-grade photographs.