SMEs Seek Simple Cloud Integration Solutions

One of the biggest constraints regarding cloud usage within the workplace is the actual implementation. Small to medium enterprises often have nimble IT staffs or no IT staff at all. Sometimes they hire contractors and the contractors often propose solutions that are beneficial to the contractor’s bottom line but not the enterprise as a whole. How can SME’s take advantage of the cloud without disrupting their current workflow? Research reported by InformationWeek shows that Software as a Service spending will skyrocket to an estimated $45.6 billion dollars by 2017.

It is important first figure out your biggest needs and what applications have the most and least impact on your users workloads. What applications do your users use the most and how do they currently use them to collaborate? With any type of migration, it is best to pick a group of users who are not resistant to change. These test users will begin using cloud based apps on a gradual basis starting with the ones that have the least impact if the user finds the new process unsatisfactory. These apps will be delivered via the SaaS model. Companies like SalesForce have created billion dollar empires by putting corporate applications in the cloud with high rates of satisfaction and retention. SalesForce or companies that provide cloud application hosting or consultation can give you a clearer picture of a migration path along with a cost savings analysis report. These companies can also provide training and support to staff on site as well.

Business decision makers can often access analytics about cloud use and compare those metrics to current spending costs. Most research indicates that cloud application collaboration among employees will boost productivity and increase communication. Most companies have little to worry about when it comes to taking their applications and data into the cloud. It is important to note that not every cloud is the same and SMEs should find the public, hybrid or private cloud solution that works best for their specific production environment.