Softomotive Launches New Product That Aids New RPA Enterprise And Desktop Software

Softomotive, a leading RPA provider has launched the release of a new product consisting of two major featured solutions; the WinAutomation v9 and the ProcessRobot v2019. 1. This newly released product ought to help drive new RPA enterprise and desktop software.

Marios Stavropoulos, a Co- CEO in the company states that the new product was released as a result of the constant increase in the demand for RPA solutions in the innovative product strategy solutions market. According to him, the new release combines strategy with the ‘people first’ drive of the company and produces a solution that helps to increase the power of end-users while creating more free time for business management for business owners.

The WinAutomation v9 has 8 incredulously powerful sub features and 12 improvement on its functions. Some of these improved function include a more enlarged capacity for application control, enhanced security features and improved workload efficiency.

The ProcessRobot v2019.1 on the other hand, has its capacities expanded to an additional 7 features plus about 10 new enhancements. This serves as a tool to help businesses increase their functionality while reducing costs and operations and improving performance. Features such as improved scalability and flexibility are contained in this while not excluding the enhanced security feature also.

Access to these new features on the product update can be gotten by a annual subscription to the package by businesses. Softomotive is widely known as one of the leading providers of robotic process automation (RPA) in the world. The company provides these solutions in a manner that is powerful, robust and quite easy to use with highly advanced technology. As a solution provider to over 7000 companies worldwide, softomotive provides its clients with a portfolio of solutions that helps them achieve one of the easiest journey through RPA from initial learning and a subsequent rise up the scale. The overall aim of the company is to lower the total project risk and also reduce the rate of high-fonts costs.