Soha Systems Delivers Cloud Security in Minutes

Image Attribution: Flickr

Soha Systems has introduced its new security service that is being described as “Ground breaking.” Soha mentions that its new cloud security service can completely secure your cloud in just 15 minutes. Soha says that it can consolidate all of your legacy systems onto one screen while providing a multi-layered approach to securing your cloud.
How Does Soha Work?
According to the website, Soho acts as a barrier between your cloud and the outside world. Soha says that it implements the following layers in order to keep intruders from being able to access your cloud resources:

  • Network Attack Protection Layer (NAPL)
  • Isolation Firewall Layer (IFL)
  • SSL Termination Layer (STL)
  • Identity Verification Layer (IVL)
  • Payload Security Layer (PSL)
  • Cloudlet Firewall Layer (CFL)
  • Cloudlet Communication Layer (CCL)
  • Cloudlet Application Proxy Layer (CAPL)
  • Cloudlet Application Communication Layer (CACL)

When you interact with your cloud services, you actually access them through the Soha Cloud. Cloud administrators can setup sophisticated authentication requirements for your end users.
In fact, Soha works many directory services that you may already be utilizing within your organization. You can require your end users to use multifactor authentication in order to access the Soha Cloud. Soha Cloud says that it gives you a single pane glass of your cloud systems while simultaneously providing multiple layers of security around your cloud. The Versatile 15 Minute Cloud Security Suite
Soha works with Amazons AWS, Google Compute Platform, Microsoft Azure, VMware vSphere, VMware vCloudAir and the OpenStack platforms. Soha’s new security service is generating a lot of buzz within cloud circles.
“With Soha’s powerful service, security teams can apply a force field around not only production environments, but also pre-production and internal application environments,” says Haseeb Budhani, CEO and co-founder of Soha Systems.  “This flexible approach to user access control and application availability empowers enterprises to adopt the cloud at a much faster pace without sacrificing security,” adds Budhani.