SolarWinds Acquires Papertrail for Cloud Log Management

Image Attribution: Flickr

SolarWinds has further expanded its cloud log management endeavors with the announcement of its latest acquisition, Papertrail. By acquiring Papertrail, SolarWinds can extend its cloud analysis product lineup while empowering an organization to collect, search, monitor, analyze and perform automatic remedies based on log files generated from on-premises or from cloud hosted applications and infrastructure.
MarketWatch reports that SolarWinds paid $41M in cash for Papertrail. As cloud environments become the new normal, application developers and systems administrators are expected to provide maximum performance and maximum uptime to organizations. Papertrail gives SolarWinds the ability to provide deep insights on cloud based application performance.
By using SolarWinds & Papertrail, businesses can monitor the uptime of their applications and servers in the cloud. As soon as an event occurs, the Papertrail component will alert the necessary teams responsible for the application. SolarWinds will now be able to perform automatic remedies for cloud infrastructure using the features and functionalities found in Papertrail.
Kevin Thompson, CEO of SolarWinds, was quoted as saying, “Our mission with SolarWinds Cloud is to offer IT operations teams the ability to extend the real-time visibility and actionable insights our products provide on-premise to their cloud-based infrastructure so they can effectively manage the performance and accelerated troubleshooting of native cloud applications.”
Thompson adds, “Regardless of the type, importance or location (AWS, Azure, Google or a datacenter), we will offer a heterogeneous application and website management solution to help manage and ensure performance.”
SolarWinds has been on an acquisition spree of sorts. In January, CloudWedge reported that SolarWinds bought Librato. Months earlier, SolarWinds acquired Pingdom. Within past 12 months, SolarWinds has assembled a trifecta of cloud log applications that can be used to get a detailed view of your clouds inner workings.
SolarWinds’ press release mentions, “Together, the SolarWinds Cloud offerings — Pingdom, Librato and    Papertrail — give users a single pane of glass experience for visualizing and interpreting how application performance impacts end-user customer experience, key business metrics and the infrastructure as well as the records of log data generated by the application needed to troubleshoot problems.”