SolarWinds Buys Librato for $40M

SolarWinds has announced its acquisition of Librato. With the acquisition, SolarWinds looks to expand upon its cloud monitoring and management portfolio. Librato, based out of San Francisco, was known for developing a robust hosted cloud monitoring solution. The deal was rumored to be worth $40M in cash. You may also remember that SolarWinds purchased Pingdom in 2014.

SolarWinds is one of the top names in resource and uptime management. As enterprise workloads start moving to the cloud, SolarWinds realized that it needed to transition as well. With its recent acquisitions, SolarWinds is positioning itself to continue to be one of the marquis names in enterprise and cloud uptime management. The press release on the acquisition gave us some good information about the future of SolarWinds.

CEO of SolarWinds Kevin Thompson says, “As we evaluate the growth of the business-critical application, we see three ‘horizons’ of application deployment that require robust performance management; We expect that the requirement to manage existing on-premise infrastructure will continue, but will now be coupled with the need to manage the performance of infrastructure and applications either fully or partially deployed in private and public clouds. As more and more businesses move aspects of their environments to Cloud-based deployment models, we believe we are the right company, with the right product set, to help manage infrastructure performance.”

Fred van den Bosch, the founder of Librato, commented on the deal saying that he and SolarWinds shared many of the same visions. Van den Bosch mentions that he was proud of Librato’s platform as he described it as one of the industry’s most powerful hosted monitoring platforms. Mr. Van den Bosch also says that Librato is able to used in any case, on any cloud. He goes on to mention that Librato’s integration inside of SolarWinds products will be able to “Continue our journey at an accelerated pace.”