SolarWinds Releases Database Performance Analyzer to AWS

Image Attribution: Flickr

The Amazon Web Services Marketplace has received a new database performance management product from SolarWinds called Database Performance Analyzer. SolarWinds’ newest product can help businesses optimize their databases by providing access to key metrics and insights.
The Database Performance Analyzer works with popular databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and others. SolarWinds DPA has the ability to branch over into your on-premises environment and monitor those databases as well. DPA gives you a 360 degree view over your public and private cloud databases.
Apps such as the SolarWinds DPA are critical to have within your environment. With so many apps and websites being driven by data, the database itself often becomes the most significant point of failure. A 2014 Gleanster survey reports that 88% of respondents indicated that the database was most commonly the root cause of application issues within their environment.
“The benefits of the cloud — flexibility, scalability, etc. — are proven and substantial, so it’s no surprise that many businesses are taking advantage of it. However, the performance of cloud-based apps is critically dependent on database performance, and access to performance-optimization tools in the cloud is essential,” says Gerardo Dada, VP at SolarWinds.
“SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer provides IT and DevOps teams with performance-based visibility of their databases wherever they are — on premises, in virtual environments, or on the AWS Cloud,” adds Dada.
Features & Functionality
SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer features Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis. With this report, administrators can gain insight into the inner workings of their database.
With the MDPA feature, you’ll be able to discover where the bottlenecks are occurring within your database. This allows you save on cloud services bill, as you’ll be less prone to overprovisioning services to handle the bottlenecks.
SolarWinds DPA gives administrators a thorough report on the health of the storage within your cloud. If you are receiving I/O issues with your storage services, SolarWinds provides alerts and analysis that will help you pinpoint the root cause of the problem.