SolarWinds to Showcase Liberato's Docker Monitoring Capabilities at AWS re:Invent

There’s no doubt that containerization is one of the hottest topics for DevOps today. Technologies such as Docker have been perfected so much that they are now being used in enterprise workloads. One question arises from this nascent application deployment scenario, how do you actually monitor the health and analytics of this containerized piece of source code?
SolarWinds has just announced that Librato will now include monitoring services for the popular containerization technology Docker. A press release announcing the support says that SolarWinds will be on hand for the Amazon AWS re:Invent conference taking place in Las Vegas, NV on October 6th through the 9th. SolarWinds says that they will provide demonstrations of its Librato service as well as its Papertrail and Pingdom software as a service offerings.
Organizations can ensure maximum uptime when they equip their engineers with tools such as SolarWinds monitoring and alerting services. With many workloads being spread across public, private and hybrid infrastructures, if you do not have a centralized management portal, your business could potentially be setting itself up for a service failure if one of your services isn’t properly monitored.
“If you look around at the products and services showcased at AWS re:Invent, it’s clear that developers have incredible flexibility and the ability to customize when building their applications — the options are endless. Still, it’s critical to be able to make sense of all the data impacting the performance of those applications,” mentions Joel Dolisy,  the CTO at SolarWinds.
“With solutions like Librato, which offer insight into those metrics, along with log management from Papertrail and web performance monitoring from Pingdom, users can have full-stack visibility into their cloud applications,” Dolisy added.
SolarWinds has set itself up to be the de facto name in IT service monitoring.