Sophos Brings Protection to Web Browsers with Cloud Web Gateway

Organizations are behind the 8 ball when it comes to providing secure browsing experiences for their end users. With so many different attacks being perpetuated each and every day, simply having an antivirus client loaded onto your system isn’t always sufficient.
Introducing the Sophos Cloud Web Gateway, which acts as filter for malicious and harmful that could impact your end user’s internet browsing experience. Sophos says that its Cloud Web Gateway products gives administrators the ability to granularly control specific users and machines on the network. One of the neat perks to this capability is that the Sophos Cloud Web Gateway requires no setup of physical appliances in your data center.
IT managers get detailed stats and reporting on their end users web browsing activity using the Sophos Cloud Web Gateway. With these detailed stats, administrators can then pinpoint problem machines or users in order to more closely analyze their browsing habits. Sophos provides an alerting dashboard which gives network administrators an easy to use, single glass pane of all of the internet browsing activities conducted by end users.
“In today’s world employees are mobile and work across multiple devices.  Securing the perimeter or a single device is no longer sufficient.  Sophos Cloud Endpoint and Mobile products cover employees wherever they work and on whatever device they are using.  Now, with the addition of a powerful web gateway Sophos Cloud provides a full suite of enterprise-grade security solutions designed for the mid-market,” says Bill Lucchini, SVP and GM of Sophos’ cloud business services.
Within the Cloud Web Gateway, administrators are empowered knowing that all of the traffic coming into their network is scanned by Sophos Labs award winning threat detection software. Administrators gain access to Big Data reporting services, which require no setup of any onsite servers or services to facilitate the advanced reporting mechanisms. Sophos Web Cloud Gateway can deployed in minutes, effectively solving the problem of end users acquiring malware infections through the internet.