Sophos Simplifies Cloud Server Protection with Advanced Whitelisting & Anti-Malware Suite

Sophos has introduced a new cloud server protection product that simplifies the process of creating a safe and secured cloud VM environment. Sophos says that its product uses a “One-click lockdown” method that dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to secure your fleet of cloud based servers.
Officially called Sophos Cloud Server Protection Advanced (SCSPA), the intuitive security suite works alongside the Sophos Cloud Management Console. SCSPA creates a white list of applications that your organization uses within your cloud environment. This creates a template of trusted applications that are allowed to update and use DLL files within your server environment.
If malware is somehow introduced into the environment, the anti-malware component would protect the server against any zero-day attacks. The whitelisting component would automatically deny the malicious application the ability to access or change the servers configuration.
Sophos says that due to its combination of whitelisting, HIPS and anti-malware, cloud hosted Windows Servers can be protected against memory based attacks. SCSPA even sniffs out malware that is designed to get around servers that have whitelisted configurations, making the platform more versatile and resilient than other products on the market.
“With this level of integration, IT administrators at small to mid-sized organizations can now easily upgrade protection of their critical Windows servers – whether on-premise or in the cloud – and prevent attacks without spending weeks or months to configure, test and deploy white-listing applications,” says John Shaw, VP of product management services at Sophos.
While other whitelisting products are available for Windows Server, Sophos Cloud Server Protection Advanced offers the following advantages:

  • Easy Setup – Can Be Rapidly Deployed With a Single Click
  • Thoroughly Tested with Windows Server OS
  • Proven to Resource Efficient – Unlike Other Solutions on the Market
  • Offers a Single ‘Pane of Glass’ for all of your Cloud or On-Premises Servers

To learn more about Sophos Cloud Server Protection Advanced, checkout Sophos’ website that is dedicated to server security.