Spark Networks Announces Newest Addition To Their Cornerstone Technology Platform

LoveOS is a technologically built dating platform that was built using the modular approach by focusing on certain standards of functionalities. As a result, it comes with the ability to enable new updates releases and features additions to be added on it, irrespective of the brand type or specific location.

The Ceo of Sparks Networks, Jeronimo Folgueira affirmed that this new platform known as the LoveOS is one with a game- changing potential as it was built on a comprehensive form for the core online dating properties. More specifically, the ability to accommodate new features updates on the platform across all boards is one feature that singles out the platform and makes it very dynamic. Other properties on the platform includes easy test- running and development of more technological features, new additions of products and brands on the platform with no extra charges, plus integration or acquisition of other business partners with easy access onto the platform. 

The newest addition of eDarling Spain to the platform is one that signifies a ground- breaking change for the platform as it will aid the company in the management of its paid and unpaid application portfolios. The eDarling Spain was formerly on the Affinitas legacy platform before it was officially moved to the LoveOS platform on July 16th.  This migration also resulted to the migration of about 1.5 million of its previous users. The large client base of this migration plus the level of its complexity makes the project on that is worthy of applause as it is sure to record sound progress as time goes by.

Sparks Networks is widely known as the second leading dating technological platform in America which has its offices in Berlin, Germany, New York, Utah and San Francisco. The company has a recorded data base of over one million global users who subscribes to its platform monthly.