Spiceworks Releases Cloud Version of Popular Help Desk Suite

Image Attribution: Flickr

If you’ve been tasked with finding a help desk solution that’s free and highly rated, you’ve probably come across Spiceworks. For many years, administrators of organizations have been using Spiceworks in order to gain intelligence on their environments.
Spiceworks will completely scan your network and compare its findings to a database of products. Once Spiceworks determines what hardware, software and services are present on your network, Spiceworks will provide your team with an in-depth, up to moment view of your architecture. Administrators will get the latest updates from the Spiceworks community, and the dashboard can be configured to see the latest system threats, patches, updates and more.
Spiceworks has just announced that users no longer need to install Spiceworks on their local networks since Spiceworks can use used from the cloud.
“IT professionals have spoken loud and clear — they want great tools designed for them that just work,” says Nicole Tanzillo, director of help desk product marketing at Spiceworks.
“Tools must be easy to deploy and use and allow IT professionals to spend less time on mundane tasks and more time supporting their organizations,” adds Tanzillo.
Some of the top features of the new cloud based version of Spiceworks include customizable dashboards, automatic ticket assignment and customized internet portals. Spiceworks in the cloud allows your organization be managed from anywhere. When you have an organization that is spread out over multiple locations, managing all of that hardware in one spot can be difficult. With Spiceworks in the cloud, all of your organization’s asset tracking, help desk and software licensing can be accessed on a single pane of glass.
Spiceworks has really stepped up its game. Spiceworks has millions of “Spiceheads” in its community, and whenever you or one of your associates has a question, the community is always ready to step in and help out via the message board. Spiceworks also says that with its new cloud hosted help desk, administrators can beta test the new cloud version of the Spiceworks app on their Android or iOS device.