Spirent Announces Launch of First Ever Universal Platform for Performance and Conformance Testing Of In-Vehicle Networks

Spirent, a known leader in the provision of automotive Ethernet test and connected car test solutions has just revealed their intentions to launch Spirent Automotive ComTT.

This is a platform for in-vehicle networks and particularly for validating their Multibus technologies. It is the first test platform for this kind of function.

Although the automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the world are embracing Ethernet networking, more traditional technologies including Local Interconnect Network (LIN) and Controller Area Network (CAN) which has adjustable data rates, will be continually used for years and more years to come.

These technologies may look good, but they pose a whole lot of problems to design engineers in several ways. However, the new platform Spirent has brought to the table is the very solution to these problems. By allowing thorough performance and conformance testing of the traditional in-vehicle and automotive Ethernet networks, the challenges that are serving as a hindrance to design can now be overcome.

Spirent communications plc. has indeed done a great job by making the solution come in form of two different test platforms for engineers. The first platform is for traditional bus technologies and the other platform is for Ethernet network testing in a bid to conduct a holistic validation process of the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) as well as the gateways. Spirent has also done a great job by putting the two test methodologies into a single device, allowing it to support more than one system.

These new and complex methodologies are very essential as Automotive Ethernet needs them for validation to be achieved. Being able to conform to multiple test standards and application-layer functionality are very important and the platform (Spirent Automotive ComTT) has got it all covered.