SpotCam Uses Cloud to Keep Your Home Safe

Home video surveillance is becoming more popular as cameras and storage for video feeds becomes more affordable. With the introduction of cheap cloud storage, it makes sense to ask, “Why not store your surveillance footage inside the cloud?”
SpotCam may be the perfect solution. With SpotCam, end users can easily set up their home surveillance system by simply connecting their SpotCam device into their PC. With SpotCam, users can gain the equivalent of 24 hours of cloud DVR storage, which should be plenty of time for someone who is using SpotCam to monitor their home.
Unlike other solutions, SpotCam allows you have untethered access to that 24 hours of footage, allowing the user to cycle through the entire reel of footage to find the activity that they are looking for. If an end user needs more recording time, SpotCam can be upgraded from the free plan to include more space for a nominal monthly fee. Advanced features of the SpotCam include motion detection, sleep mode or even the detection of sound. End users can setup these features to save on power and bandwidth.
SpotCam simplifies home security using the cloud. If you need a more robust solution, the SpotCam HD Pro could be the option you’re looking for. With SpotCam HD Pro, end users can setup the camera outside since the outer shell of the camera is waterproofed. SpotCam HD Pro is perfect solution for those who want to monitor the outside of their homes or garages without having to purchase a high end security system.
Some reviewers mentions that SpotCam HD Pro provides terrific visibility at night, even saying that the camera provides professional video quality. If you need on demand access to your home surveillance system using the cloud, SpotCam may be an affordable solution. Starting at $149, SpotCam provides professional home surveillance using the cloud at a price that almost anyone can afford.