SpringCM Uses Cloud to Track the Status of Important Documents

Image Attribution: Flickr

If you use Salesforce within your enterprise, you may have come across a 5 star rated document contract management service called SpringCM. With SpringCM, organizations can submit important documents such as sales contracts and gain immediate insight into the status of the document.
For example, let’s say that a contract needs to be signed and delivered at specific hard deadline. Rather than rely on a courier service or an ancient technology such as the fax machine which is prone to failure, organizations can secure deliver documents using SpringCM’s cloud service. With SpringCM’s new feature called Track It, organizations can get an immediate notification of the completion of paperwork. As a result, turnaround times are faster on both ends of the deal.
“Contracts aren’t just a critical step in the sales process, they are imperative to reaching revenue goals,” says Alan Pelz-Sharpe, a director at 451 Research.
“In increasingly fast-paced business environments, vague status updates like ‘In Progress’ won’t cut it. Innovative sales organizations need total transparency and specificity,” adds Pelz-Sharpe.
Some of the new functionalities included with SpringCM’s Track It feature include the ability to track documents in pending status. For example, organizations can assign ownership to specific tasks within a contract. Once one stage is complete, it may need to be passed on to another person for review.
With pending activity tracker, organizations can know exactly what person is review which details of the contract and the know precisely the moment when that person is done with their portion of the deal.
Organizations can also review past actions in order to ensure compliance on hard deadlines. SpringCM’s new Track It feature allows organizations to manage the entire life cycle of sales contract by being able to enforce strict deadlines which allows businesses to get deals closed sooner.