STANLEY Access Technology Announces The Release Of Its Newest Product

According to Henry Kao, The Director of Product Management at STANLEY Access Technologies, “a door you have to squeeze through isn’t a door at all, it is an obstruction. That’s why DuraFit is designed to maximize space, not waste it. This door has been rigorously tested for years of operations and undergone extremes of abuse, temperature and attack, while prevailing in all scenarios.

This door released will serve a great use to specific clients, especially those of small and medium retail, healthcare and also hotel entryways as a result of their high traffic access needs. It has been fully assessed to ensure that it is fully durable, it also has the feature of a comprehensive code compliance which aids security in the door for its users.

The door has been tested and confirm to resist extreme temperature changes, even as extreme as -30°F to 130°F. with its very high quality materials, the constructed DuraFit can be said as a door that fully exceeds its builder’s expectations as it assures one of a full and perfect slide. The creation was made out of well- secured constructions and also high- quality, long- standing parts and also a new iQ controller.

The DuraFit was specifically created as a solution for tight spaces of about 6ft- 9ft openings that also records a high traffic in foot passage. The door will be the only one large enough for passage in such openings so far, it is a bi- part, six- panel telescopic door type. The door is one that is fully compliant with several code bodies including NFPA 101, BOCA, UBC, IBC, UL and many others, it is also very effective against intending damages or attacks including those from a crowbar.

STANLEY Access Technologies is widely known as the first provider of automatic door operators in the industry. They are known to create, install and service all manners of operations that are closely related to a door system. Their client base covers virtually all the industry types making the organization one that is extremely valued.