Starbucks IT Director Talks Cloud at IP Expo 2014

Starbucks is a world known coffee shop with several thousands of store located all around the world. With such a vast network of chains, it is important that Starbucks implements an agile enterprise technology strategy that conforms to the latest innovations.
Starbucks has been using Office 365 for cloud based email and collaboration services for several years now. Robert Teagle, the IT Director for Starbucks in Europe, recently spoke at the IP Expo 2014 conference about Starbucks’ approach to technology and more specifically cloud. In fact, Teagle disclosed that Starbucks uses an Oracle Siebel CRM system for customer loyalty programs. This handily interfaces with Starbucks’ point of sale system, which is also built on Oracle’s cloud technology.
Teagle is quoted as saying, “It is very important to keep everything running at the retail level and technology architecture underpins that objective.” Teagle added, “IT innovation has to be aligned with business goals and when we are trying to manage innovations, cloud IT certainly helps.”
Teagle carried about with his comments saying that 20% of his department’s budget is spent on innovative strategies. Teagle continued, “Our stores are where our users enjoy our products and on average they spend 3-5 minutes if they are just grabbing a coffee or about half an hour if they are having it in store. It is a short period of time and our innovations have to be focused on making their experience a better one.”
Teagle’s approach to cloud and disruptive technologies is more methodical than aggressive. He mentions that “Enterprise innovation need not be of that scale. It must be something that helps the business progress or creates a more competitive organization.” Teagle also said, “Technology on its own won’t result in great innovations. It must be placed as part of overall business processes.”