Startup Adds Ex-IT Minister from Karnataka As an Advisor

Priyank Kharge is taking on a new role after associating himself with a new startup fund called Propel. The former IT minister and Congress lawmaker of Karnataka will be an advisor for the fund that plans on helping fund new startups.

Kharge took on the role at Propel stating that the ecosystem of the startup world needs to have support in the form of funding, validating and facilitating ideas, and access to the growing market. He was thrilled to see that there are new startups forming that support the talents in the state which will further drive it technologically.

Karnataka is located in the western part of India and was formerly known as Mysore until 1973. The capital city is Bengaluru, which is situated near the southeastern border of the state. Although the state is surrounded by several other Indian states, it has a coastline of 200 miles that it shares with the Arabian Sea.

The primary focus of the fund will be to support technological businesses that promote security and embedded devices. Srinivas Moramchetty, a board member for Propel, stated that their team of like-minded individuals wants to help entrepreneurs build-up and speed up their startup companies.

The press release from Propel went on to explain that having Kharge come on as an advisor will only help shape the experience of the startup fund. He is a wealth of knowledge from all of the work he did in shaping the business environment in Karnataka. His understanding of the startup world’s needs only adds further value to his presence at Propel.

Propel plans to help support startups with strategic and mentor-like approaches. Their help will involve legal support, connections in the industry depending on the offering of the startup, tools that startups can access to help ease the burdens they may encounter, digital and branding strategies, and sales and marketing strategies. Basically all of the areas that they may need an increased support system in for success.