Startup Raises $17.5 Million For Enhanced Verification Platform

Founded by Rick Song and Charles Yeh, former engineers from Square and Dropbox, comes a startup company named Persona that has the potential to change the way that companies handle their customer verification processes. Their target users are companies that are involved with any financial transactions online to verify the regulatory compliance and prevention of fraud. This is in hopes to increase trust and safety within the company structure.

Persona’s core product is a platform that will allow companies and other organizations to access a variety of documents that can be used for identity verification purposes. This includes government-issued identification cards all the way through biometric screening procedures, like fingerprinting and facial recognition, to prove that a customer is who they say they really are in an effort to thwart fraudulent transactions.

Current customers that are already using Persona’s platform include:

  • Rippling
    • An online payroll, human resources, benefits, and IT services company.
  • Petal
    • A credit card that promotes high limits, no fees, and incentive for remaining within budget.
  • UrbanSitter
    • An online service and app for the procurement, pay, review, and recommendation of babysitters and nannies.
  • Postmates
    • An online food delivery service that allows patrons to skip the lines and have the food delivered right to their door from the comfort of a phone app.
  • Hipcamp
    • An online marketplace that allows users to find and procure unique camping experiences that appeal to them in their area or outside of it.

These are only a few of the companies that are currently working with Persona and the number is expected to rise as the startup evolves and grows out of the infancy stage.

Persona was built on the premise that most of the companies out there are not security companies and generally lack the people, time, money, and skill to make sure that their authentication processes are up to date and within good business practices. For that reason, Persona was created to help institute security across the board.