Startup Takes Cyber Security to The Cloud

Cyral, a data security startup company, hopes to make the security of the cloud become modernized with security working like that of software development. Because all companies are starting to utilize the cloud, it is leaving the current security teams out there with too many things on their plates and not enough time or people to keep up.

Cyral’s first trend is to allow its engineers to specify the composition of their infrastructure. They can then use the same language system and versions across the board. It will simplify the work that it takes to deploy the software and testing it. This will cut out all of the work that is essentially unnecessary to the process.

This raises a lot of questions about the new security issues that could come from their deployment of this type of software. Even the masterminds who know their way around cybersecurity may have a hard time detecting threats with this type of environment where the perimeter defense will not be as effective.

DevOps-first cloud world is Cyral’s data security service that uses an IAC, infrastructure as code so that developer teams are not slowed down. This still allows the security teams to do what they need to do. By using Cyral, the developers won’t have to concern themselves with the underlying state of the infrastructure. They only have to focus on business.

If Cyral pulls this off, then the rewards for security teams will be phenomenal. There will be a unified management across the board including users, apps, and services.

This won’t answer all of the questions and concerns in regard to the security issues that may arise in the world of the cloud, but it will allow for developers who build in the cloud to receive significant upgrades on how they deal with security. There will always be a threat of security, but with Cyral, it will be a little less.