Stats Perform now the Official Partner of CONMEBOL

Within the world of soccer, having access to accurate statistics is a significant feat. Regional governing bodies have the task of finding companies to help them gather, catalog, and store statistics about thousands of matches. The South American governing body for soccer CONMEBOL has announced that their preferred partner for stats collection and management will be Stats Perform going forward.

Based on the company’s reputation as a leader in the field, CONMEBOL hopes that Stats Perform’s sports AI and data abilities will be up to the task of collecting and managing the region’s official soccer tournaments.  Among the competitions that the company will be expected to track statistics include CONMEBOL Recopa, CONMEBOL Sudamerica, CONMEBOL Libertadores, and Copa CONMEBOL America.

Bringing Matches to Life

The information that Stats Perform will provide will span every continent in the world that broadcasts these matches. As South America is one of the most renowned areas globally for the caliber of their soccer, Stats Perform will likely need to distribute data around the globe. Distributed along with the data is an easy-to-approach method of representing it on screen. Not only will CONMEBOL and its media partners benefit from accurate information, but also widgets that interactively utilize the company’s data. These will aid broadcasters in bringing fans into the game and offering them insights into action down on the pitch.

Not Just Present Statistics

Stats Perform is also expected to put together previews of each match before them airing to distribute to media partners. Additionally, the company has put a lot of effort into improving its data science and AI models, allowing them to offer statistics such as expected goals and assists, as well as detailed information such as playing style. CONMEBOL hopes that the partnership will benefit each of their local and regional providers by giving them access to all the detailed information they can use for each player and team on the continent.