Stone Technologies Chooses Sierra Wireless IoT Solutions to Extend Business into Industrial Monitoring Market

Sierra Wireless, the industry leader in the provision of fully integrated device-to-cloud solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), today revealed the fact that Stone Technologies, a provider of intelligent monitoring solutions, has picked Sierra Wireless’ Uplink® remote monitoring solution and connectivity services to stretch their business beyond its traditional alarm monitoring business, in a bid to create new streams of revenue.

The CEO of Stone Technologies, Art Stone revealed in a speech, that Sierra Wireless’ Uplink solution and connectivity services have assisted them in expanding into new markets and opening new streams of revenue, with a managed service for industrial monitoring. Art also talked about how they are granting customers a better visibility over their remote equipment.

Prior to this time, Stone Technologies had been making use of Uplink solutions for its security monitoring services, but realized that these same remote monitoring abilities could be used to see new business opportunities, even beyond the security industry. The company is now supplying a managed service for government as well as enterprise customers, having three special use cases: emergency generators,radio tower lighting, and water/wastewater management stations.

Stone Technologies’ is now enabled to monitor critical operations data having to do with the status as well as the performance of its customers’ systems, letting them increase revenue and also find cost savings.

In addition to this, the service assists the customers of Stone Technologies to ensure compliance with safety regulations and also wave fines from the government and municipality fines as a result of issues like sewer water escaping into environmentally sensitive areas or lights of radio towers failing.