Stradigi AI Launches Kepler, One of the World’s Most Advanced AI Platforms

 Stradigi AI, a renowned Montreal-based AI solutions company, launched the Kepler AI platform at C2 Montréal just recently, with CEO Basil Bouraropoulos, newly appointed AI Advisor, Bias and Ethics, and Chief Scientific Officer Carolina Bessega, PhD.

Kepler is a state-of-the art Machine Learning Platform, which is made up of a set of tools as well as a smart engine that powers users to create and carry out solutions to complex business problems more rapidly and in a secure way.

Stradigi AI’s industry-leading research team creates cutting-edge AI algorithms to fish out and solve complex business challenges  business and governments alike. Stradigi AI’s unique platform hosts powerful, state-of-the-art AI solutions which are ready to scale and be adapted all through various industries which include finance, retail, insurance and health. The solutions are driving rapid ROI and tangible results for its users.

Kepler will turn around the manner in which clients can interact with AI solutions, being the first platform on the market to make use of three types of algorithms—proprietary algorithms from Stradigi AI’s own research lab, hybrids that are customized in-house from open source algorithms to make them more performant, and open source algorithms. Having a focus on Natural Language Understanding, Strategic Decision-Making, Image and Video Understanding, Anomaly Detection, Recommender Systems, Prediction Systems and Automated Machine Learning, Kepler by Stradigi Artificial Intelligence encourages the rapid input as well as the  layering of said technologies within the platform for transformative results.

Parallel to the launch of Kepler, the company also proudly announced the appointment of, Futurist and tech entrepreneur, to the role of AI Advisor, Bias and Ethics, and his nomination to Stradigi AI’s advisory board.

Being a creative innovator and philanthropist, focused on leveraging technology to improve people’s lives and work, will work with Stradigi AI’s team of developers and content creators to lead further development of the Kepler platform as well as assist in the creation of AI products that empower people.