Strategy Analytics Says That IoT Lacks Consumer Awareness

A new report published by Strategy Analytics shows an interesting trend in the world of the Internet of Things (IoT).
Consumer awareness of IoT is low, however, interest for the new technology is high. Strategy Analytics says that their latest study examines the drivers, the barriers and the overall interest in IoT.
What Strategy Analytics found was that IoT is a nascent market that is ripe for consumer innovation.
“For IoT solutions to be widely adopted, consumers must trust these technologies explicitly; solutions must be compatible for control across all platforms; and full customization should be available to ensure that the user feels like they are in control of their experience and importantly, their own data,” says Christopher Dodge, author of the report commissioned for Strategy Analytics.
Results from the study give promise to the next generation of IoT inventors. In order for customers to rapidly adopt IoT on a consumer level, there must be an IoT innovation that provides customers with long term savings on a problem they commonly encounter in their everyday lives.
IoT devices need to have easy to use interfaces and the devices need to be compatible with the users existing palette of technology, regardless of the manufacturer, operating system, etc.
One of the biggest stats that found in the study is that more than half of the respondents mentioned that they would use an IoT device to monitor their personal health.
What about barriers to adoption? As many as 80% of respondents mentioned that they have a strong aversion to IoT, given the fact that the platform is new and that IoT security is still within its infancy. Other potential barriers to adoption included pricing, compatibility, stability and accuracy of the data gathered from the censors.
The one big takeaway from this report is that IoT doesn’t seem like a fad. IoT is here to stay. For IoT to become common at the consumer level, it needs to have flagship product that introduces explains IoT to the public, so that the masses get comfortable with using the new technology.