Study: Boardrooms Embrace Cloud Innovations to Gain Competitive Edge

Image Attribution: Flickr

Vanson Bourne was selected by RackSpace to conduct a study on the drivers of businesses who seek out cloud transformations.
The polls was conducted in the United Kingdom with over 500 IT decision makers participating in the study. Here are a few key findings from the study:

  • 61% of respondents said that a competitive edge was the leading driver for adopting cloud innovations.
  • The largest motivation behind businesses migrating to cloud is increased resilience.
  • 37% said that their motivation to move to the cloud was to accelerate innovation.
  • The more employees a company have, the more likely they were to integrate cloud.
  • Another 61% said their motivation to move to cloud was due to cost savings.

“A move to the cloud is now an organization-wide business activity rather than simply a function of the IT department. Whether business leaders understand the practicalities of a cloud migration project or not, there appears to be broad acceptance that it is a ‘platform play’ that they can use to innovate and grow,” says Darren Norfolk of RackSpace UK.
“Increased communication across all levels of the business will create new opportunities for the cloud to have a direct impact on the bottom line,” adds Norfolk.
One of the biggest challenges for boardrooms looking to expand their IT operations into the cloud is that only 1 of 3 decision makers would rate their experience in technology as good or better. This could present a tremendous opportunity for managed service providers, service integrators and SaaS plays to make sales as businesses seem more motivated than ever to become on board with cloud services.
Another key statistic found in the survey was that 58% of businesses said that their key business objectives were met “Completely” using cloud solutions. With cloud acceptance on the rise, 2016 looks like it could be the year cloud goes mainstream.