Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Partners With Evident in Canada

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Evident recently announced that they have signed definitive agreements to create a first-of-its-kind, Canadian-made Hospital Information System (HIS) solution. 

“This partnership will finally bring to market an affordable, flexible, proven platform that meets the demands of enabling quality patient outcomes,” said Dr. Andy Smith, president and chief executive officer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. “The ability to improve the quality of healthcare should be available — and affordable — to Canadian health systems and providers. Making that happen is what motivates us and aligns our partnership with Evident.”

Development of the new solution will take place in their newly created Canadian Healthcare Innovation Centre, located in Toronto. The Innovation Centre will be a place for the companies to come together to plan, build, test, and develop on an ongoing basis, as well as share best practices and leverage other future partner organization’s collective strengths to enhance the delivery of healthcare in Canada.

“This partnership is a win-win for the companies, as well as the patients and their providers across Canada,” said Boyd Douglas, president and chief executive officer of CPSI. “Combining our deep experiences, leadership and talent is a great advantage, as we work toward our shared goal of bringing this unique and competitive offering to the Canadian market in 2020 and beyond.”