SureCheck is Acquired by Procurant

Procurant, a known Silicon Valley technology focused company, recently announced their completed plans to fully acquire SureCheck which is a mobile food safety solutions and monitoring business. Procurant delivers specific services such as reducing waste, increasing visibility, improving food safety and also digitizing business from production to consumption. These services provided by Procurement helps to transform the global food supply chain with technology.

This acqusition is one that will provide Procurement’s customers with a more uniquely detailed operations that is focused on end-to-end food supply chain solution, while also ensuring that the SureCheck suit is also considered a critical part of the chain of solutions that fully utilizes a single and unified platform designed for the unique requirements of the food industry

“The combination of SureCheck’s leading mobile food safety and task management products with Procurant’s food supply chain platform creates a solution unmatched in this industry,” said Eric Peters, CEO of Procurant. “With food safety and visibility across the supply chain becoming ever more critical, Procurant’s innovative approach will help our customers move beyond simple homegrown systems of the past for better visibility, control and trust from farms to consumers.”

More specifically, benefits to be gotten from this recent acquisition by Procurement include;

  • Scalability at consumer performance levels, from the user interface to business logic to storage.
  • Mobile as an integral part of the platform, with a focus on managing by exception.
  • Blockchain options that route data to both public and private distributed ledgers.

“The SureCheck team have built an excellent suite of food safety technologies that can be applied across the entire perishable food supply chain, from farms and producers to retail and food service outlets,” said Ian Duffield, General Manager, Food Safety Solutions, Procurant. “We’re excited to add new food safety capabilities and critical event tracking to the Procurant platform.”