Survey by Netwrix Discovers Cloud Adoption Barriers for SMB

It’s almost 2016 and it seems like all businesses are at least considering using the cloud for one or more of their critical business processes.
A new survey published by Netwrix shows what small businesses fear the most when considering cloud options. The survey received 600 respondents, all of whom were IT professionals.
Netwrix says that the IT professionals that they have surveyed come from different backgrounds. The various industries represented in this survey were technology, manufacturing, government, healthcare, finance and education.
Two of the key findings inside of this survey are:

  • 65% of businesses say that they worry about cloud security
  • 40% of organizations become concerned with not having complete control over their data

The survey goes on to ask professionals about hybrid cloud, data encryption and their biggest fears. 44% of IT administrators said that they prefer a hybrid approach to cloud. 37% of respondents mentioned that they would use a private cloud for the added security benefits of the offering.
In terms of IT professionals biggest fears about the cloud, 69% believed that their cloud migration will unnecessarily increase their security risks. That being said, only 13% of organizations have explicitly rejected using cloud technology in the foreseeable future.
“We wanted to find out the exact reasons that prevent companies from cloud adoption and taking advantage of all the benefits it offers,” says Alex Vovk, CEO of Netwrix.
“The survey revealed the interesting fact that even though the cloud is not a new technology, the cloud market has a good potential to grow further. Advanced security solutions and true visibility into what is going on across the cloud infrastructure will help companies minimize security risks, take back control over business-critical assets and accelerate cloud adoption,” added Vovk.
Netwrix has been creating tools to help systems administrators efficiently manage small business environments.