SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 Now Available

SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 is now available for those wanting to build an IaaS private cloud. You may remember that SUSE’s cloud operating system was simply known as SUSE Cloud. With the latest release of the operating system, SUSE has officially changed the name of this distribution to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5. The Linux distribution is based OpenStack Juno, a popular private cloud platform. In addition to OpenStack, the new SUSE release also features SUSE Enterprise Storage and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.
Analysts at Gartner believe that OpenStack deployments will increase by 1,000% by 2019. OpenStack is becoming the open source cloud of choice for organizations all around the world. SUSE’s take on OpenStack will likely give administrators an alternative to the Ubuntu OpenStack platform.
Although many of the features are similar to other OpenStack distributions, the newest release of SUSE aims to set itself apart by offering enhancements in networking and operational efficiency while providing a simplified interface to end users.
One of the biggest draws to SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 is the support for enhanced networking. SUSE mentions that it supports 3rd party OpenStack networking plug-ins. Virtual routing schemes can be configured which gives an organization the ability to rapidly scale up without losing performance or network availability. With virtual routing, organizations are protected from a single point of failure as OpenStack reduces traffic from central routers.
“Furthering the growth of OpenStack enterprise deployments, SUSE OpenStack Cloud makes it easier for customers to realize the benefits of a private cloud, saving them money and time they can use to better serve their own customers and business,” says Nils Brauckmann, a general manager at SUSE. “Automation and high availability features translate to simplicity and efficiency in enterprise data centers,” adds, Brauckmann.
More information about SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 can be found on the SUSE Cloud website.