SwiftStack Unveils Unique Private Cloud Storage

SwiftStack, a “technology innovator of private cloud storage for today’s applications,” announced the general availability of its private storage cloud product. The two-year old company enhances its offerings in a very attractive manner.

Although cloud storage systems are becoming increasingly popular and relevant across multiple industries, there remain certain barriers preventing a more widespread entry. Now SwiftStack has officially entered the picture with their own brand of storage ease and flexibility, in what could mark a new evolution in the field.
In acknowledging that flexibility, along with security, of data management is imperative, SwiftStack approaches the industry’s needs differently – with a two-part system that forms a software-defined architecture: the SwiftStack Node and SwiftStack Controller. SwiftStack Nodes consist of all the elements required for storage (management, speed, grouping, etc.). Among other things, this creates the opportunity for decoupling the (second part of the technology) central SwiftStack Controller from storage hardware and scaling the system with additional nodes using standard storage. This alone will most likely lower costs, which can soar astronomically when choosing storage systems that are bonded to controllers positioned amongst propriety processor technology. By not being locked in to either software or hardware, customers of the OpenStack based product have complete freedom to form new options which best adhere to their performance needs as well as their budget.
SwiftStack insists their system was created with their customers in mind, in particular to enable them to meet the vastly expanding demands of data-intensive applications. Developers need something easy to use, but which is also flexible and cost-efficient. This may be why CEO Joe Arnold sees sizeable growth potential with the adoption of their products. In an interview before the general availability announcement, Mr. Arnold claimed that “The first wave of this has been using the public cloud and using Amazon (AMZN) as a launchpad for these applications. The thing that we’re seeing, though, or the reason why they’re coming to us, is the cost of Amazon is too much.”
With these developments and more, SwiftStack is quickly establishing a foothold in the increasingly competitive next-generation storage solutions industry. As CEO Joe Arnold and his talented team continue to develop their business, we’re seeing the fruition of their efforts, which will bring customers high quality and secure data storage solutions at a fraction of the cost.