Symantec Protects Data in the Cloud using Data Loss Protection

Image Attribution: Flickr

Symantec has announced the newest version of its data loss product called Symantec DLP 14. According to Symantec’s website, the data loss protection product has now been updated to include popular cloud apps such as Box.
Administrators can setup policies that dictate where data can be stored based on the content inside. For example, if an organization has a policy that forbids a certain type of file from being stored in the cloud, Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention feature would step in and disallow the user from using the cloud to sync the file based on the type of data that the file contains.
Symantec understands that today’s organizations are increasingly working more mobile than ever. To help administrators remedy the problem of a potential data leak, Symantec’s DLP stands between your sensitive data and the rest of the world. If someone attempts to improperly access or reupload specific data into a cloud service, Symantec DLP steps in and prevents the data from leaving the device on your network.
“Keeping corporate information safe and compliant has never been easy. Today’s cloud and mobile-driven world create new data protection challenges. Sensitive information is no longer within the safety of your corporate network,” says Cheryl Tang via the Symantec blog. “More employees routinely share files using consumer cloud storage solutions – often without IT knowing about it. That means a lot of data is being created and stored in the cloud – undiscovered, unmonitored and potentially unprotected,” adds Tang.
How Symantec DLP Works
Here is a list of the main components of the Symantec Data Loss Prevention Suite 14. It includes:

  • Policy Enforcement – Maintain consistent data loss prevention policies across mobile devices, desktop computers and within the cloud.
  • Office 365 – Symantec DLP 14 also protects your cloud based email that is hosted through Office 365.
  • Cloud Storage DLP – Does your small to medium enterprise utilize Box? DLP works hand in hand with Box in order to monitor employee storage accounts, discovering what data is sensitive and what data is not.
  • Prevent Personal Cloud Uploads – Concerned about your employees inadvertently using an unapproved cloud storage solution? Symantec DLP monitors, alerts and prevents users from using cloud storage solutions that could put company data at risk.