Symantec’s Cloud Security Certifications Disappear

Image Attribution: Flickr

Symantec seems to have quietly swept many of its cloud certifications under the rug as many industry analysts have begun to question why the security giant is no longer offering the course and certs on its website. A cursory search of Symantec’s website along with screen captures compiled by TechTarget seem to confirm Symantec’s intentions of ending its cloud security certifications.
The official title of the certification was called Symantec Certified Professional-Cloud Security (SCP-CS). The coursework required for this certification was called Symantec Cloud Security Essentials. It has been confirmed that the class and course have both been cancelled as of January 2015.
An unnamed Symantec spokesperson has been quoted in the initial reports saying, “Symantec discontinued the course due to a lack of adoption; Cloud Security Essentials was not a Symantec product-specific course and it hasn’t had uptake.”
Symantec’s website said that it hoped to target “professionals who are tasked with architecting, recommending, or implementing a company’s data security strategy in the cloud.” Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to pan out for Symantec. The disappearance of the certifications on Symantec’s website has left some industry analysts wondering about Symantec’s position in the cloud market.
Some analysts believe Symantec has little to no authority in cloud because Symantec scarcely offers cloud products. Paul Smith, a Symantec Partner, provided candid insight on Symantec’s troubles when he performed an interview with TechTarget.
Smith says, “This is just another sign of a company that’s in trouble.” Smith adds, “They didn’t notify partners about the change, and the lack of communication and lack of a clear strategy around changes like this are part of the problem with Symantec.”
Other industry insiders criticize Symantec for “Cloudwashing” their product lineups. Those optimistic about Symantec’s cloud future believe that Symantec may be shedding the cloud certs in efforts to refocus on cloud security offerings.