Synergy Research Says Cisco and HP are Leaders in Cloud Infrastructure

Synergy Research has released a report detailing the leaders in cloud infrastructure. In the report, Cisco and HP are highlighted as being the top two leaders in the cloud infrastructure market. The data that Synergy has compiled shows that 27% of the cloud infrastructure market is owned by Cisco and HP.
Synergy says that Cisco is a leader in public cloud infrastructure while HP is a leader within the private cloud sector. Synergy posted a graph on its blog entry about this announcement and the graph shows that Cisco and HP sit atop all of the major cloud hardware vendors.
Other vendors who are included within this research are Microsoft, Dell and IBM. It is important to note that since IBM sold its x86 server business to Lenovo, their cloud infrastructure market share sharply plummeted while Lenovo crept up to being 7th on the list overall. Synergy says that total cloud infrastructure revenues have increased by 9% year over year. Total spending on cloud hardware in Q4 2014 totaled $13B alone.
Cisco finds itself on top of Synergy’s list due to the lock that Cisco possesses on the datacenter networking infrastructure market. HP found itself 2nd since HP is one of the top cloud server manufacturers in the world. HP recently bought Aruba Networks in efforts to be more competitive with Cisco on the networking infrastructure front.
Synergy’s report goes on to say that servers, storage and operating systems made up 92% of cloud infrastructure spending in 2014. The remaining 8% of revenues was spent on cloud management applications, virtualization suites and cloud security.
“We are seeing strong growth across private, public and hybrid cloud deployments and across all geographic regions. While it remains relatively small, by far the highest growth is being seen in hybrid cloud and I expect this to continue over the next five years,” says Jeremy Duke, Chief Analyst at Synergy.