Talkdesk Awarded Cloud CRM Solution of the Year Award

Talkdesk is a cloud based customer relationship management tool that is steadily gaining more recognition in businesses all around the world.
In fact, Talkdesk has recently won the award for being the top CRM solution of 2015-2016. The prestigious Cloud Awards were recently held and it drew in over 300 cloud businesses.
Talkdesk beat out the likes of SugarCRM, Workbooks Online, Five9, NewVoiceMedia, ClearSlide and Job Diva.
“Talkdesk is a winner among winners, and it was an honor for the Cloud Awards team to spend time investigating their business processes,” mentions Cloud Awards organizer Larry Johnson.

Create a Call Center in 5 Minutes

When customers begin using Talkdesk, they’ll be able to create a full fledged call center app that integrates into the systems and workflows you may already have. Some of the top features of Talkdesk are:

  • Call Recording
  • Historical Recording
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Call Monitoring
  • Enhanced Caller ID

These robust features give Talkdesk an advantage over other competitors, as Talkdesk goes both above and beyond in providing features and functionalities to users.
Talkdesk was first started in 2011. The focus of Talkdesk has been to develop a user-friendly, flexible and robust “Call center as a Service” app in the cloud. With this motivation, Talkdesk set out to provide the best CRM for call centers, which experts say is a $22B industry.
“We are honored to be recognized as the CRM Solution of the Year. This achievement comes on the heels of a transformative year of incredible growth for our company. This recognition is a good reflection of the appreciation we have already received from our customers,” said Talkdesk CEO Tiago Paiva.
“Further, creating our platform in the cloud has allowed us to seamlessly integrate with other cloud technologies, such as Salesforce, Zendesk and,” Paiva went on to say.