Tangoe Launches Platform for Fixed, Mobile, and Cloud

Tangoe®, the leader in Enterprise Technology Management provision; helping companies comprehend, centralize, and control their technology environments, today revealed the Tangoe Platform™ to the rest of the world.

The platform is an all-round solution for mobile, fixed, and cloud built on world-class technology with industry-leading automation, also coupled with a great user experience.

The Tangoe Platform was purposely built for expense, program, and asset management. It is supported by the most engaged and experienced people in the industry. The platform also assist customers in optimizing fixed expenses, roll out new mobile programs, and take absolute control of cloud spending.

Ivan Latanision, Chief Product Officer of Tangoe revealed extensively on the fact that the Tangoe Platform provides their customers an easy-to-comprehend solution for complicated enterprise technology management issues. He spoke extensively on how hard it is for customers to manage technology programs in their organizations. Also looking at the fact that the expanding technology environments make their jobs grow more complex, the Tangoe Platform comes into the picture to make things better by allowing customers to manage the growth as well as the complexity of their technology environments.

It is a complete solution. It is no surprise that the company has developed this solution, as Tangoe’s Enterprise Technology Management solutions are generally known to assist customers in centralizing, comprehending and controlling their technology environments. Tangoe controls over $40 billion in technology spend and over 10 million technology assets across the globe; five times better than its three closest competitors, all combined. Almost half of the Fortune 500 depend on Tangoe to scale their technology expenses, programs, and assets via Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Cloud Expense Management (CEM) and Managed Mobility Services (MMS)solutions.