Tasmanian Distillery Uses HID Global’s IoT Platform to Prevent Counterfeiters

HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, today announced that Tasmania’s Old Kempton Distillery (OKD) has deployed its Internet of Things (IoT) enablement platform, HID Trusted Tag Services, to combat counterfeiting of its world class whiskeys, gins and other liquor products.

HID’s innovative IoT platform for brand protection, combined with the web application developed by local integrator AusNFC, enables Old Kempton Distillery to guard against grey market activities and allows customers to authenticate their product at the point of sale. It also strengthens the appellation registration for the Australian island state of Tasmania, which boasts some of the most pristine water and climate conditions for manufacturing premium, top-shelf liquor products.
Robbie Gilligan, Business Manager and Brand Ambassador for Old Kempton Distillery, said. “Old Kempton Distillery makes one of the world’s finest whiskeys, and with counterfeiting in our industry becoming a global issue, we recognized the need to take proactive steps to protect our brand.” “We were seeking the best brand protection technology available and a solution that would also allow us to securely engage with our customers, long after a sale. We believe that HID Trusted Tag Services and the support provided through AusNFC provide just that.” He added.
Beyond its anti-counterfeiting features, HID’s IoT offering opens a new and powerful avenue for Old Kempton Distillery to stay connected with customers via direct and hyper-personalized communications that helps the distillery build brand loyalty in a privacy-preserving, closed environment. Larry Hower, CEO of AusNFC said. “We find HID’s solutions to be applicable to many different industries, HID Trusted Tag Services is changing the game for authenticating brands and staying connected to buyers through a mobile experience.”
Mark Robinton, Director of Business Development and Strategic Innovation at HID Global, also added that “HID’s IoT technology is enabling mass adoption of brand protection by major brands worldwide that are seeking to address more sophisticated attempts by fraudsters focused on imitating their products, Manufacturers and consumers alike can rest assured that their product can be authenticated at every stage of its lifecycle — from production to the shopping bag.” 
HID Trusted Tag Services combine HID’s cloud authentication services with its trusted NFC tags that come in many form factors for variety of product shapes and sizes requiring brand authentication.  The extended security features in HID’s cloud authentication service provide privacy-preserving brand authentication and consumer engagement in a closed and trusted environment.