Tavant Achieves Microsoft Co-Sell Status

 “Customers and partners continue to capitalize on the opportunity and accelerate their digital transformation with our program portfolio and resources. Tavant and Microsoft will jointly work to drive revenue and customer success through our collaborative co-selling initiative and a shared passion for innovative products and services. We are confident that this development will expand Tavant’s reach and connect with a larger customer base in the industry and empower everyone to achieve more,” said Rajiv Sodhi, General Manager – Partner Ecosystem at Microsoft India.

“We’re thrilled to co-sell with Microsoft. We believe that the co-selling initiative with Microsoft will enable us to meet the collective needs of our customers and help us grow our businesses by reaching new customers and offering new solutions. Receiving the Microsoft Co-Sell ready status is a testament to Tavant’s ability to distill businesses’ needs and deliver tailored solutions that enable processes to run seamlessly, connect business to technology, and improve efficiency. We look forward to helping organizations compete effectively by leveraging TMAP, which enables organizations to achieve cost leadership, with a focus on operational efficiency and revenue growth. Leveraging Machine learning algorithms, TMAP allows businesses to predict fraud scoring and reserve analysis better,” said Roshan Pinto, Head of Manufacturing Practice, Tavant.

“TAVANT has been a truly valuable partner for my organization. Tavant worked with Thermo King to develop a claim analytics module that is fully configured to meet our business needs. The claim analytics module gives us tremendous insights to claim filing patterns, trends, and potential suspect activity. This module has been so successful that it has been fully integrated into our claims processing, auditing, and review selection standard work. Overall, TMAP has been pivotal in making our warranty processes more efficient by lowering the cost of transaction processing and increasing the value of the resulting warranty data. Tavant is not only an industry leader in innovation and system functionality, but they take a personal approach to partnering and collaborating which ensures that our needs as a customer are met,” said Bob Roberts, Customer Solutions Leader, Thermo King.