Teamwork Retail Delivers Cloud POS System Designed for iOS

Image Attribution: Flickr

The use of cloud based point of sale systems in retail settings is becoming more popular each and every year. As these technologies continue to grow and mature, businesses begin weighing the risks and rewards of implementing such systems within their stores.
Teamwork Retail has just been released for businesses, as it provides a cloud based POS, time clock, stock count and more to employees and managers. In fact, Teamwork Retail can pull up data retained on previous customers, analytical reports and a dashboard that shows you what you’ve shipped, in case your business also performs ecommerce.
Teamwork Retail can be used by small businesses, however, the software is marketed at businesses that have multiple locations. Teamwork Retail’s latest press release says that the software is built for those who do $2M to $2B in annual revenue. Teamwork Retail says that its new suite of apps (That run exclusively on iOS) are more than just a cloud POS; Teamwork Retail claims that its new suite providers businesses with the ability to provide an “Omni-channel” experience.
“Retail is fundamentally changing with the times, as it has done throughout history when technological changes bring forth new possibilities to engage with customers. Mobile technology has changed the way customers interact with merchants and it was Apple that brought the world a profound mobility platform that is second to none,” says Michael Mauerer, CEO of Teamwork Retail.
“Apple has ushered in a new chapter of commerce and created fundamental change for the better. Teamwork Retail embraced the Apple mobile platform from day one and has built a suite of applications that truly harness the power of mobility for everyday retail,” adds Mauerer.
Teamwork Retail focuses on bringing technology to the feature, not features for the technology. This forward thinking approach to cloud POS has resulted in its systems being implemented in various popular retail stores all around the world.