Tech-Celebrities, 23 Not So Secret Celebrity Tech Nerds

2014 has been a big year for technology investments, particularly within cloud security. Oftentimes, technology investors are known only in the tech world, and sometimes not even then. This got us thinking about who are the investors we have heard of.
Here are some of the better known tech nerds and investors.

Alyssa Milano

As one of the more outspoken ‘techies,’ Milano is proud of her love of technology.  In an interview she was quoted as saying, “I’m extremely tech curious. I’m inspired by technology the same way I’m inspired by art or a great piece of music. I love innovation and invention. I’m oddly motivated by great thinkers that look outside the box and become pioneers.”

Ashton Kutcher

In addition to being an A-list celebrity, actor, and producer, Kutcher is also an avid tech investor. In 2011, along with two others, Kutcher created a venture fund, A-Grade Investments. Through this fund he has invested in a number of tech companies including: Skype, Spotify, Hipmunk, Chegg, Flipboard, and Airbnb.

Justin Timberlake

Though some people only attribute Timberlake’s pro-tech image from the movie ‘the social network’. Timberlake has been consistently and silently angel investing tech start-ups through Tennman Digital. In June 2011, he was part of the MySpace purchase for approximately $35 million.
He has also invested in image sharing sites and music education apps (Stipple and Miso Media)

Bono tech investor



Bono is one of the more active tech investors, he co-founded the private equity firm Elevation Partners. Through them he has investments in Facebook, Yelp, and MarketShare

Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg is a spokesperson for and an investor in CanaryHop a tourism marketplace of sorts. is the director of creative innovation for Intel.

Will Smith

Smith invested in video sharing app Viddy

Jay Z

Jay Z also invested in Viddy as well as Duracell’s Powermat, a wireless power adaptor

Kanye West

West contributed to a $7.5 million round of investing for, the social music-sharing network.

Lady Gaga

Gaga also invested in In addition to this, she invested in Backplane, a celebrity-focused social media service.


T.I. invested in a social events app called Yopima for $600,000

Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres backs social gaming start-up Sojo Studios

Bruno Mars

Mars invested in Chromatic a digital sheet music service.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio invested $4 million into Mobli, a photo sharing service

Lance Armstrong

Armstrong also invested in Mobli

LL Cool J tech investment


LL Cool J

LL Cool J invested in a virtual music recording platform called Boomdizzle.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian co- founded ShoeDazzle, an online shoe and accessories website

Jason Mraz

Mraz is also involved with Intel. Additionally, he was part of a $1.75 million seed round for Trippy, a social travel website. He is also on their advisory board.

Rachel Zoe

Also invested in Trippy and is part of their advisory board

Justin Bieber

Bieber has investments in PhoneGuard, Inc. as well as Spotify

Steven Fry

Though not the most successful of tech investors, Fry invested in Pushnote, a social networking site that folded after only 18 months.

Selena Gomez

Gomez invested $750,000 in the Postcard on the Run, a mobile app that sends postcards.

M.C. Hammer

M.C. Hammer has several tech investments including: Bump Technologies, Square Inc., and WireDoo.

Seth Green

Seth green is the co-founder and investor for Media sharing App Shodogg