The Technology Behind Brazil’s ‘Digital World Cup’

It has been deemed ‘the Digital World Cup’. So what was it about the 2014 World Cup that made it more high-tech than its predecessors. Let’s look back at some of the technologies that enabled the biggest sport competition in the world to take place.

It’s not just goal-line technology which made this the most interactive, hi-tech tournament in history. Once you break it down it’s amazing to think how many new technologies touched about every element of the build up and running of the World Cup.

The building of stadiums for example, employed technologies to plan, manage and execute the overwhelming construction projects. The extra influx of tourists meant the transport systems in Brazil had to accommodate for the huge rise in demand; meaning an increase in fleet, manpower and infrastructure – all managed by technology. Additionally, communication providers had to ensure that the world’s most widely viewed sporting event was perfectly captured and seamlessly streamed to the 200+ countries that watched it.

So what were some of the technologies that were employed to challenge these tasks in the most efficient way? Well one of the components that the stadium building, increased transport, and communication overload all had in common was the need for a more effective management of organizations workforces. These projects needed sufficient staff with the right skills to keep operations running smoothly, whilst ensuring the needs and availability of employees were considered too.

One answer to the challenge of efficient shift planning is ShiftExpert by ClickSoftware, a Salesforce1 App available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

A good shift management app like ShiftExpert will:

  • Update in real-time and have a mobile-ready app
  • Optimize the planning, management and execution of shifts and timesheets across all departments,
  • Incorporate rules, regulations, absences, demand and company policies

This automated yet smart approach ensures the best scheduled shifts in order to maximize the efficiency of staff to meet business needs, while also keeping employee preferences in mind, thereby resulting in a better service experience for customers and happier employees.

So next time you watch a major sporting event, think about the technology surrounding it, and how it can help your company too!

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