Technology Firm Pushing Mississippi to Require Computer Science Classes

C Spire has been trying to get the state of Mississippi to recognize the importance of technology and computer science classes in their curriculum for quite a while now. They have even sponsored scholarships and coding camps within the state to promote this.

Officials of C Spire are requesting a legislative intervention, one that will require the implementation of these classes in elementary and high schools across the state.

Perhaps it was their nonchalant Super Bowl ad on television that addressed the fact that Mississippi isn’t quite up to par with other states in the technology sector, but it appears that the state officials may be listening now.

The ad depicted officials for economic development in other states thanking Mississippi for their lack of computer science requirements. The ad explained that Mississippi is losing tech-jobs that are high paying to states like Georgia who foster the importance of these skills.

C Spire spokesman Dave Miller says that the future growth of their company falls into the hands of the success and the growth of the state.

CEO of C Spire, Hu Meena, stated that all the neighboring states have already invested in the importance of these classes, knowing that it is important and vital to everyday life. These other states are investing today so that they have a brighter tomorrow and Mississippi needs to get on board.

A bill requiring the curriculum change has not been filed yet.

Governor Tate Reeves has proposed a workforce training program worth $100 million that includes a $1.5 million allotment for educating future Mississippi software developers and coders. Through his plan, every student in Mississippi will have exposure to computer science classes and coding classes before graduating.

The House Chairman for Education has heard from C Spire as well as other companies that feel the same way. He acknowledges the commitment that these companies have on the issue. The next thing for everyone involved is to come up with a plan and implement it.