Telaeris Badge Reader Now Compatible with Bosch Access Technologies

Handheld Badge-reader manufacturer Telaeris has announced that their newest reader is fully compatible with Bosch Access Engine (ACE). The announcement came at the Dubai tech conference Intersec 2020. Telaeris, notable for their creation of physical access control systems (PACS), stated that its XPressEntry badge readers could be used alongside Bosch’s ACE for identity authentication, or for locations where door readers are impractical for use.

Telearis’s Recent Success

The company, founded in 2005, is focused on developing practical security solutions for industries. Their investment into PACS has proven fruitful, with their brand recognizable in handheld readers for access control systems. By integrating their access control systems with Bosch’s ACE, they access many companies that have already bought into Bosch’s solution, extending the viability of both products. Now businesses can use handheld readers for badges and tie them directly into their personnel management system provided by Bosch without any workarounds or third-party interfaces. This announcement is good news, since incorporating third-party systems into a company’s personnel records introduces a concern for security.

Connected Permissions Systems

Telaeris’s badge readers are renowned for being useful in industrial and commercial applications because it doesn’t tie the badge-reading process to a single point of entry. With either a wireless or cellular connection, badges and permissions can be checked and verified from anywhere on a compound that has internet access. Additionally, it helps with a company’s safety, as visitor badges can be checked on-the-fly. In the case of an emergency, complete evacuation of all temporary personnel can be done. Strategically places badge checks can even offer continuous monitoring of facility occupation. Telaeris pays particular attention to security, with all the protocols being used to interface with Bosch’s ACE being penetration tested for assurance. The integration is only the latest in what may be a more robust integration with other personnel management systems in the future.