Telaria Increases Southeast Asia Footprint by Collaborating with Thailand’s True Digital & Media Platform

Telaria, the perfect software platform for the management of video advertisement for premium publishers, has announced today that it has been chosen by True Digital & Media Platform as the preferred Video Management Platform (VMP) for their live session of TV and video-on-demand (VOD) content.

About 15 million viewers watch video content across the over 100 live video channels owned by TrueID as well as its comprehensive VOD portfolio. Local and international content has been made available on TrueID across genres including music, movies, TV, travel, sports, and lifestyle. By making use of Telaria’s VMP, TrueID will have greater insights and control into its video inventory and also make demands for data across all screens and formats.

In addition to this, TrueID can make informed decisions based on live reporting and rapidly addresses issues with real time diagnostics.

“Telaria’s made-for-video technology would significantly improve our monetization while at the same time preserving the viewing experience that is fundamental to our success. We are looking forward to working with Telaria to bring our inventory to more advertisers looking to reach highly engaged audiences across every screen,” were the words of Mr. David Sky, Operations Director at True Digital and Media Platform Co., Ltd.

“We’re thrilled to work with TrueID as their video programmatic partner to bring their premium live and on-demand video inventory to advertisers. Our partnership with True Digital & Media Platform will create new opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in premium video environments with increased efficiency at scale. Given TrueID’s focus on live TV and our expertise in delivering advertising for this video environment, we are excited to see the results of this collaboration,” said the General Manager, SEA at Telaria, Kevin Smyth.