Telegram Adds More Privacy Features to its Messaging App

Social networking platform, Telegram has announced that it has added some features to its Messenger app.

Telegram, which prides itself in offering its using total control over interactions with other has made it known that in a blog post that users can now delete both sent and received messages from both ends with no time limit.

“Today, we are giving hundreds of millions of users complete control of any private conversation they have ever had. You can now choose to delete any message you have sent or received from both sides in any private chat. The messages will disappear for both you and the other person – without leaving a trace.”

Prior to this update, users were only allowed to delete on both ends messages sent to private chat within a 48-hour time limit, which was seemingly more generous what rival app WhatsApp provides.

The new feature is similar to what Telegram already provides in its Secret Chat service inside the app that permits users to set a timer for the automatic deletion of the entire chat, leaving no traces.

This feature will prevent messages from getting into the wrong hands.

Another privacy update is Anonymous Forwarding. According to the announcement, when this feature is enabled forwarded messages will no longer be traced back to the user’s account. The phone screen will only display an unclickable name.

Another feature included in the update is the Settings Search that now allows Telegram users to use a search tool to find the necessary settings they need. It also offers answers to any question asked that is Telegram-related.

With other unique features included in the update, Telegram is setting itself as one of the best end-to-end encryption messaging services.

“For us, your private data is sacred. We never use your data to target ads. We never disclose your data to third parties. We store only what is absolutely necessary for Telegram to work.” The service wrote on the blog.

In the wake of the Facebook server crash weeks ago, Telegram gained over 3 million new users.