Telstra Names Erez Yarkoni as new CIO

Telstra has named Erez Yarkoni as the new CIO. Yarkoni has been with Telstra since 2013 where he was brought in as an executive director. The promotion takes place as Telstra looks to continue to expand its cloud products outside of the Asian Pacific rim and gain market share in Europe and the Americas.
Yarkoni has a diverse background in software development within the telecommunications industry. Yarkoni brings over 20 years of experience to the table. Yarkoni has held positions with startup ventures but he has most notably worked with T-Mobile in the past. Telstra’s top brass applauded the promotion as Yarkoni is brought in to help navigate Telstra’s telecom and cloud endeavors.
Kate McKenzie, the Chief Operating Officer of Telstra, is quoted as saying, “In keeping with Telstra’s global aspirations, I am pleased to appoint a truly global and highly regarded IT executive. Erez will share his time between Sydney and the west coast of the United States, which will provide a unique opportunity for him to lead our team in Australia, while working even more closely with Telstra’s global teams and partners.”
In Yarkoni’s previous role, he was the top cloud guy for Telstra. With the new role, it’s being reported that Yarkoni will still continue to oversee Telstra’s cloud division in addition to his responsibilities as CIO. Telstra’s cloud push isn’t going unnoticed as Telstra Global seems to be catching on with internationally based businesses. Although Telstra is traditionally associated with being an Aussie provider, Telstra Global has access to 2,000 point of presences in over 230 countries.
Telstra Global features a robust global network of cloud offerings such as IaaS and cloud collaboration software. Telstra’s cloud collaboration suite is built for enterprises and it offers voice, instant messaging, presence, web and video conferencing. Telstra’s Unified Communications suite is also available on mobile devices as an app. Telstra Cloud UC platform is built using the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution. More information about Telstra’s cloud services can be found on its website.