Tencent Cloud and Razer Collaborates to Set the Standard for Cloud Gaming

According to Min-Liang Tan, Co-Founder and CEO of Razer, “The collaboration between Razer and Tencent dates back to the days of Crossfire in 2008, and we are delighted that this relationship has gone from strength to strength with a shared commitment to bringing the best experience to the gamer community. Thanks to a continuous strengthening of our cooperation, we can offer an unrivaled cloud-based gaming experience to our increasingly sophisticated gaming community, supported by our integrated ecosystem of hardware, software and services.”

The cloud Gaming market is one that has recorded tremendous growth in the past few years, it has a rising number of users with an expected increase to about 124.7 million by 2020 latest. As a result of its growing nature, there is a constant need for new standards that can keep up with the changes occurring in the industry as a whole.

Razer is known as the leading cloud gaming company which provides its users with a brand image worthy of such, the company was also appointed as the founding member Tencent Global eSports Arena-Tech Alliance.

This collaboration between the two companies will focus on certain areas to ensure maximum productivity in these areas. The areas to be focused on includes; the hardware, the software and other areas as such.

Focus on the hardware area will include the launch of gaming hardware that can work together with the available Tencent gaming solutions. Asides this, there will also be other hardware accessories that will help in optimal utilization of these solutions.

The software aspect, including features such as the RAZER CHROMA RGB lighting, will effectively combine gaming Titles from Tencent with software products from Razer to fully enhance user’s experience on the gaming platforms.

Other areas that will be worked on as a result of this partnership will include the overall expansion and enriching of the gaming platform and content to maximize user’s experience while using it. The sole aim of this collaboration is to provide cloud gaming users with a standard that fully equates their expectations and satisfies their cloud gaming experiences.