Teridion Wants to Increase the Speed of your Cloud by 20x

Teridion is a cloud engineering company that has one goal in mind: Streamline the connectivity to you to cloud. Teridion has offices in Israel and San Francisco and because of its global reach, the cloud streamlining company has been able to deploy solutions for various different organizations that require bandwidth intensive applications. Teridion just closed its 2nd round of funding, in which the company netted $15M from the investing group Jerusalem Venture Partners. You’re probably wondering, how exactly does Teridion make my cloud 20xs faster?
“Proprietary algorithms and the Teridion Management System, in conjunction with Teridion Measurement Agents, provide a real-time congestion map of the Internet to find the best possible path, taking into account bandwidth, latency and geography. High performance, low latency – Up to 20x Internet performance improvements,” says a Bloomberg profile piece on Teridion.
Elad Rave, the founder and CEO of Teridion says, “The Internet is an incredibly powerful tool, but until now, we have struggled to take full advantage of its capabilities. It’s still common for us to fall victim to slow response times and volatile connections,”
Rave goes on to say, “We are breaking down these boundaries and providing users with a seamless Internet experience – no matter their location, device or application. It’s our goal to bring customer loyalty to the forefront, and the funding and general availability of our product are major steps in this direction.”
By setting up intelligent routing in the cloud, Teridion ensures that your packets are delivered in the fastest and most efficient method possible. Businesses can gain considerable amount of productivity when bandwidth is no longer a concern. Internet optimization has been around for years, yet Teridion is optimizing internet traffic using the cloud. Could more organizations begin to see the value that Teridion provides?