Thales and Tata Communications Forges Alliance to Address Businesses’ Data Security Concerns Involving IoT

Thales, a world renowned leader in digital security, and Tata Communications, a global digital infrastructure provider which is a leader in its industry, are in a partnership, working to build a secure global IoT connectivity solution. Tata Communications MOVE mobility and IoT platform and Thales’s T-Sure warranted digital identity offering is ready to unleash the value in data garnered by connected devices including cars and trucks, while retaining the security and integrity of IoT data.

Thales will give its T-sure warranted digital identity solution to Tata Communications MOVE SIM cards, on the basis of technologies from Gemalto, a Thales company. While Tata Communications MOVE is known for encrypting the data in motion (which is presently in use), T-Sure safe-guards the information on the SIM, hence keeping the data safe on the network as well as on the device level.

Both companies are looking to undertake a series of proof-of-concepts with customers to check out the practical applications of this solution.

The need to guard IoT data is a main concern for the automotive industry, as a result of advancements in connected cars as well as autonomous vehicles, combined with the continuous threat of cyber-attacks. The Thales and Tata Communications’ solution purposes to secure the data which vehicles carry and give control over data and applications, while still keeping hackers and cyber-criminals away.

Trustworthy communications from vehicles to infrastructure (V2I) and from vehicle to vehicle (V2V) will assist in unlocking the value in data created by vehicles in applications like driving pattern analytics, preventive maintenance or emergency services.

Hence, the producer will have the ability to get data via the SIM to allow for a vehicle is operating safely, the dealership can make use of the SIM for checking out the track of the maintenance logs, and the vehicle car owner can have an assurance that his or her private information will stay private. The solution purposes to ensure multiple secure ‘vaults’ in the vehicle to which only the vault owner is in possession of access. The implication of this is that the producers, dealers and vehicle owner will individually possess their own private, secure space to store information, run applications and build communications, and the security of these vaults would be empowered and managed through the Tata Communications MOVE platform.