The Avid and BeBop Technology Partnership is Mixing Media and Cloud

BeBop Technology and Avid have announced a partnership with a single goal in mind — to create a cloud-based platform together in Microsoft Azure.

BeBop Technology is known as an industry leader in moving media workflows to the cloud in the most secure and inventive ways. The company was founded in 2015 by Cloud tech expert David Benson and entertainment industry executive Bruce Long.

Avid is a company built around offering the most effective media platform technology with a focus on bridging the gaps between content creation, distribution, collaboration, asset protection and consumer consumption. Avid customers use the platforms to create, distribute and monetize global media. Some of their most notable creations have been Pro Tools®, Maestro™, iNEWS®, Media Composer®, PlayMaker™, Avid NEXIS®, MediaCentral®, AirSpeed®, Avid VENUE™, Sibelius® and FastServe®.

Now, Avid and BeBop Technology are pairing up to make Avid’s creative tools and workflows available in Microsoft Azure cloud.

The way it works is that the BeBop cloud platform enables users to create content just as they always have, only in the cloud. Their partnership is going to include work in Media Composer® (the entertainment/media industries’ most-used editing software) and Avid NEXIS® (the most comprehensive media workflow platform).

With this partnership, Avid is slated to become the first fully bundled software solution on BeBop. This is interesting in that it allows users to obtain Avid licenses through the platform, instead of other models BeBop supports for non-Avid tools.

In terms of rollout, Avid tools on BeBop are expected to release across Microsoft Azure cloud in North, Central and South America first.

As Dave Colantuoni, Vice President of Avid’s Product Management, notes, Avid’s goal in this partnership is to “capture the new advantages of working in the cloud to become even more efficient and collaborative” so creatives can “deliver their best work faster.”

He also notes that the combination of BeBop’s platform with Avid’s tools is expected to help customers “innovate their workflows and moderate their tools and resources as their business dictates.”

Meanwhile, Bruce Long, BeBop Technogy’s CEO/Co-Founder, notes that they are “excited to add Avid Media Composer, Avid NEXIS and the MediaCentral platform to the lineup of powerful tools on BeBop” in order to help leading industry creatives produce, manage and distribute their work.