The Cloud Can Open Your Door Thanks to Brivo

Image Attribution: Flickr

If you’ve worked in a corporate organization, you’ve probably had to use badge access of some sort in order to gain access certain rooms within the office building. Organizations can now streamline the provisioning of door access credentials using a cloud based solution built by Brivo.
Brivo builds identity apps that allow users to access thing. Brivo’s latest offering allows users to open doors with their smartphones. This approach in granting physical access using the cloud allows end users the ability to use their smartphone to authenticate into specific doors.
Organizations can setup Brivo as kind of a 2nd factor of physical authentication for when opening doors. Brivo can work alongside badge readers and card access scanners, without any additional hardware being setup.
“We are giving all of our customers five free Brivo Mobile Passes so that they can use it immediately,” mentions Brivo CEO Steve Van Till.
“Mobile credentials are changing the way access control works. It’s not just about convenience and improved security—although that’s a huge part of it. It’s that we are improving the relationship with the people who come and go from the spaces we protect,” adds Van Till.
Brivo is touting its cloud door opening capability as an add-on to its existing Brivo OnAir access control system. The biggest draw for potential Brivo customers is the fact that they can issue credentials without having to purchase any additional equipment. If the end user has an Android or iOS phone, they are all set to begin using Brivo to gain access to your privileged rooms.
Apps like Brivo have the potential to change the way we live our daily life. Brivo’s Mobile Pass is allegedly more secure than key cards, claims the Brivo CEO.
Brivo also says that they invested significantly in encryption and security of its new product, therefore giving organizations the maximum protection against unwanted intruders.